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Liability of legacy data fueling your university’s resistance to change?

Avail our methodical data migration services grade my paper: essay rate & professional proofreading service  proofread my essay to move all your legacy data to the Fibi.

Our migration services cover all major databases, re-engineering legacy data into the new.

Now moving into a new age of research administration is so much easier and your old data won’t pull you down.

Let our subject matter experts analyze your legacy data and transform them into the new, in concordance with the standard procedures.

Process Consulting

By adopting Fibi, the processes of the institute gets automatically aligned to the best practices of the industry. But we at Polus understand that each of the institutes are different and have different cultures and practices. Our experts help you map the optimum practices for your operations.

Need training?

Functional walk through the product to orient your users to build knowledge and faster adoption, thus enabling faster adherence to best practices. Our flexible training program are customer sensitive helping you with training through instructor led sessions or web-enabled virtual sessions. Based on the customers training needs we develop custom agendas and curriculum to deliver quality training programs ensuring optimal comprehension.

Contact us for training curriculum and pricing.

Do not want a long term maintenance contract?

Not interested in entering a long term maintenance contract? Now we have support on demand, incorporating ad hoc business requirement by raising a ticket with us. No more holding up of business, we are ready when you are.

Need a tailor made version of Fibi?

Fibi contains all the essential features that research organizations to manage and optimize processes in a funded research. However, depending on specific usages institutes may have specific needs to be integrated into Fibi to fully utilize its capabilities. Fibi is built ground up keeping this in perspective. Designed on service oriented architecture all customization can be seamlessly integrated and tested in Fibi in minimum time whilst maintaining impeccable quality.