about-img1The process of managing a funded research is termed as Research Administration. Starting with proposal reporting at each level and minimize percentage of rejection using thorough validation/verification.

Fibi is a future ready comprehensive research administration suite to normalize and facilitate complex administrative procedures involved in managing funded research. It is designed specifically to accommodate the procedures and complexities of higher education institutions of varied sizes.
Fibi is built over the acclaimed Kuali Coeus platform, used by over 70 universities in the United States, Africa and Asia. Fibi has been designed to provide superior user experience with its aesthetic user interface, relevance based data rendering and superior performance.

Now how can you make Good, Better.

Even though a versatile enterprise level application the Kuali Coeus has not been without deficiencies. The advancement made in Fibi centers around the driving philosophy of making the application more intuitive and user friendly. The major changes done to the application can be summed as


Improved user experience
Quick access of key information
Visual representation
of data
Reduced redundancy
Higher performance



  • Powerful enterprise class middleware resource
  • Enticing user experience
  • Quick access of key information
  • Visual representation of data
  • Built specifically for Rapid development and customization.
  • Independent Modules
  • Database agnostic Oracle , MySQL
  • Seamless integration of extensions and external systems
  • Highly scalable.  Easy enhancement with existing framework
  • Inbuilt Notifications, Workflow, Rules, User Management components