Fibi Grants Management Module

A full-fledged system that includes all aspects of Grants Management
from Grant Call, Proposal Development to Post-Award Activities

Streamline your entire grants management lifecycle in one secure system

An elaborate module to handle all aspects of funding opportunity management
  • Auto publish and closure
  • Key performance indicator
  • Indication of interest
  • Multistage evaluation
  • Proposal listing; Status, Comments, Scores & Ranking
A module to easily develop, validate, route, submit proposals and secure awards
  • Collaborative creation
  • Budget preparation
  • Pre-review
  • Routing and multistage evaluation
  • Hierarchical view; grant call to closure
  • Complete proposal summary
A module to monitor, report and track the overall financial health of a research organisation
  • Automated award creation
  • Budget reconciliation
  • Transaction and expense tracking
  • Multilevel task assigning
  • Report tracking
  • Variation tracking
  • Hierarchical view; grant call to closure

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